TPE331-12JR Caravan Conversion

Install A New Honeywell TPE331-12JR Engine
Replacing The PT6 Engine

More Capable Aircraft… Real Operational Savings
  • Lower Fuel Burn
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Full Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance Coverage
  • Improved; Performance, Reliability, Safety
  • Increased Aircraft Value
New 1st Interval GMP Hourly Rate (In Development)
  • 1st 3500 Hours Of Operation $xx.xx per Hour
  • 2nd 3500 Hours Of Operation $xx.xx per Hour, With Balance Not Due Until Overhaul
  • Total Cost $xxx,xxx over 7000 Hours Of Operation, $xx.xx per hour
Comparison PT6A-41 PT6A-42 TPE331-12JR Value Points
First 3600 Hours Maint Cost $427,000 $329,000 $xx,xxx* 4 Times Lower Cost
Maintenance Cost / Hour Ongoing $142.33 $91.38 $xx.xx 50% Lower Cost
Routine and Unscheduled Maint Excluded Excluded Included Full GMP Coverage
Count of Engine Removals in 7500 Hour 5 4 2 50% Less Downtime

**$xx.xx X 3500 hrs plus $xx.xx X 100 hrs

Business Operator Part 91; 3500/7000 Hr Inspection Interval Extension
  • 1st Hot Section 3500 Hours
  • 1st Overhaul 7000 Hours
Low Cost Finance Options
  • Up To 100%, 10 Year Financing Made Available
  • Turn-Key Package; New Engine, STC Certification, and Install
Protection From Price Uncertainty
  • Eliminate Maintenance Cost Overruns
  • Full Unscheduled Repair Coverages
  • Price Inflation Protection
Why Choose GMP
  • Lower Cost and Risk Protection
  • Engine Value Preservation
  • Your choice of Honeywell Authorized Maintenance Service Centers
  • Repair Part Sourcing From All Honeywell Authorized Facilities
  • Discounted Honeywell Rental Bank Rates
  • Affordable Enrollment Options
  • Simplified Operations

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