PI’s mission is to; improve the longevity and value of the Honeywell TPE331 engine through reduced cost of operation and improved support.

Our team of aviation executives have in-depth experience in aviation business, engineering, engine maintenance, and flight operations.

Chad Ahrens
Chief Executive Officer

Headquartered in the Los Angeles, California area Chad Ahrens is the founder and CEO of Propulsion International. Drawing upon his cross-functional business experiences with engine products, customers and regulators, Ahrens delivers on a wide range of PI responsibility. Since the launch 2011, PI has established a worldwide partner network with customers spanning three continents, including business aircraft owner/operators, aircraft fleet operators and state government agencies. Ahrens experience as a CEO includes the successful turnaround of a large Australian freight and charter operation. Prior to leaving for Australia, Ahrens performed a wide range of roles in business aviation maintenance, working at facilities in the mid-west and southern California from quality assurance to strategy/marketing manager at Garrett Aviation, GE, and Standard Aero. Throughout his career Ahrens worked closely with Honeywell Aerospace developing solutions ranging from technical to marketing and business development. He is highly experienced in aviation growth creation strategies and execution, along with engine maintenance plans and aircraft/engine leasing. Ahrens is the founder of Stonepoint Technology Solutions, a company specializing in custom cloud-based aviation information systems built on the Salesforce.com platform. Ahrens has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix, an Aircraft/Powerplant and Pilot license from Spartan School of Aeronautics, and is a green belt certified from GE.

Steve Landeene
Vice President of Strategy and Development

Based in Phoenix Arizona Landeene is a co-founder and board member of Propulsion International havings over 27 years in the aerospace industry. Landeene spent twenty years with Honeywell Aerospace spanning engine development to marketing, strategy, and business development. Landeene left Honeywell to lead the strategy and planning effort for Landmark Aviation, now Standard Aero. Landeene led the marketing efforts driving growth within the new integrated services company with significant focus on the Honeywell TFE and TPE engine markets. Landeene’s most recent challenge was being the Executive Director for the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to bring Spaceport America to reality. Steve negotiated the twenty year lease with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic who is expected to initiate spaceflight service from Spaceport America in the near future.

Ken Hetge
Ken Hetge; board member of Propulsion International is a highly experienced executive with over 30 years of educational and professional experience in the field of aviation. Ken has personally participated in the negotiations of some of the largest aircraft leasing transactions concluded in the aircraft industry and has worked extensively with Boeing and Airbus to define the manufacturing specification of new aircraft being purchased. He has traveled extensively and bought, sold and leased aircraft to most of the world’s major international airlines. Having done transactions with Swiss Air, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, Air New Zealand, Trans Aero(Russia), China Southern, China Eastern, Shenzen, Sahara(India), Indian Airlines, KLM, Canadian, Turkish Airlines, Air Europa and Spannair (Spain), and LOT(Poland). Ken possesses an extensive technical proficiency, and thorough understanding of business law, with specific emphasis in lease agreements, lease compliance, purchase agreements as well as an excellent understanding of Federal regulations and regulatory requirements of the FAA.

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