Enrollment Options

Anytime Enrollment for One Engine or Engine Fleet.

Enroll Prior To The Maintenance Event With A …
Guaranteed Not-To-Exceed Price
  • If maintenance invoice is lower than the Not-To-Exceed price your price is the lower amount.
  • Plans available with Zero to 75 Minimum Annual Hours.
  • Secure the price with a log book review and have NO Surprises at inspection.
  • Engines that are enrolled before dis-assembly qualify for not-to-exceed pricing.
Enroll With Hours Remaining Before The Maintenance Event
  • Price prorated lower based on remaining hours
  • Free Unscheduled Repair for remaining flight hours before the maintenance event
Enroll During Hot Section, CAM, or Overhaul
  • Make it your last high price Time & Material event.
  • 5% discount available based on your service center invoice, provide prior to delivery.
Why Enroll Today
  • Lock-in today’s low cost rates for future maintenance.
  • Early enrollment discounts available
  • Risk protection and Saving now, and in the future.
Commercial Fleet Enrollment Plans
  • Defer payment of until the next maintenance event.
  • Zero Buy-In Plans.

Contact Us Today For A Custom Made Enrollment Plan For Your Operation.


“More and more customers are seeking to pay a fixed rate per hour instead of experiencing huge spiked costs of a major scheduled engine event, or even worse the cost of an unscheduled major repair. The PI program provides lower costs and predictability.”

Dennis Braner
Intercontinental Jet

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