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Backed by Honeywell

TPE331 Business Aircraft

  • Guaranteed Not-To-Exceed Overhaul Prices
  • Part 91; 3500 Hr Hot Sect and 7000 Hr Ovhl


TPE331-12JR Caravan Conversion

  • New Long Life TPE331-12JR Engine
  • Substantially Lower Fuel and Maintenance Costs


TPE331 Commercial Fleet

  • Lowest Possible Maintenance Cost Guaranteed
  • Event Cost Caps and Zero Annual Hour Trail Plans

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Welcome to Propulsion International (PI)

Propulsion International

Propulsion International provides low cost turbine engine maintenance plans and credit arrangements for business aircraft operators and commercial fleet operators.

Group Maintenance Plans (GMP) lowers the cost of maintenance 15% to 20% as compared to Time and Material (T&M) invoicing and protects from unforeseen costs.

Savings occur at major maintenance events, at each repair, and with each hour flown. Enrollment can occur at anytime in your engine’s life cycle.

Backed by Honeywell Aerospace, a TPE331 engine enrolled in GMP results in a serialized maintenance reserve account within Honeywell, solidly providing the security of a manufacturer’s program.

All maintenance is performed at your choice of participating Honeywell authorized service centers worldwide. Performed under the guidance of Honeywell more high quality/new parts are installed, ensuring the highest level of engine quality and reliability.

Operators experience full maintenance coverage at a price below their current Time and Material invoicing, without the risk of cost overruns, unscheduled repair costs, and price inflation. Payments are made based on hours flown and maintenance is accomplished without additional operator cost.

PI’s solution results in; lower aircraft operating costs, elimination of unpredictable cost and for Part 91 operators extended inspection intervals adding to aircraft value.

Thank you for considering our innovative offer.

Our Products
  • Group Maintenance Plan (GMP)
  • Not-To-Exceed CAM/Overhaul Price Programs
  • Part 91 Interval Extension to 3500Hr Hot Section and 7000Hr Overhaul
  • Engine Rental and Exchange Engines


I evaluated PI and the GMP program extensively before making my decision. Knowing PI is backed by a Honeywell was the deciding factor. If you are considering overhauling your TPE331, the PI GMP is the way to go. It was for me. I now have 7000 hour engines that are forever young under Honeywell backed program -- who can beat that?

Ian Herzog
Law Offices of Ian Herzog

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