TPE331 Commercial Fleet

Reduce Your Maintenance Cost and Risk Today
  • Lower Maintenance Cost 15% to 20%
  • Path to Extend Interval Beyond 3500 / 7000 Hours Inspection Intervals
  • Zero Buy-In Enrollment Plans Available
Guaranteed Not-To-Exceed CAM Prices
  • Zero Annual Hours Trial Plans Available
  • Secure Price With A Log Book Review And Have No Surprises At Inspection
Protection From Price Uncertainty
  • Eliminate Maintenance Cost Overruns
  • Full Unscheduled Repair Coverage
  • Price Inflation Protection
Expanded Coverage Options
  • Foreign Object Damage FOD Coverage Available
No Charge, Cost Comparison Analysis
  • Compare Your Operational Cost to PI’s GMP
  • Proven Lower Cost
Why Choose GMP
  • Lower Cost and Risk Protection
  • Repair Part Sourcing From Authorized Facilities
  • Hourly Payment Matched with Operational Revenue
  • Affordable Enrollment Options
  • Simplified Operations


“I can see this program not only working on older aircraft, but also on new conversions. The program assists operators with enrollment while providing a competitive support program that eliminates the operator’s risk of high cost engine maintenance events.”

Russ Williams
West Star Aviation

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