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Are You Experiencing; High Cost, Price Uncertainty, and Extended Downtimes?

Compared to self-managed engine maintenance, PI’s Group Maintenance Plans (GMP) delivers the lower costs, price certainty, and engine readiness needed by operators.

PI assists operators through the transition onto GMP with tailor made enrollment plans, including guaranteed not-to-exceed CAM/Overhaul prices, trial offers, no-cost enrollments, parts discounts, and zero buy-ins plans for fleet operators.

GMP is a full coverage plan with optional payment methods, customized plans are developed to match operator needs, including exchange engine options to reduce downtime.

PI will create a Cost Comparison Analyses of your existing operational costs compared to operations on GMP.

Why Choose PI’s GMP?
  • Fly With the Certainty of Lower Costs
  • Have Confidence in Your Engine Quality and Cost Protection
  • Experience the Caring Support of an Authorized Service Center Network
  • Stay Current with the Latest Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Improve Engine / Aircraft Longevity and Value


“I can see this program not only working on older aircraft, but also on new conversions. The program assists operators with enrollment while providing a competitive support program that eliminates the operator’s risk of high cost engine maintenance events.”

Russ Williams
West Star Aviation

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